Effective real-time feed management on farms!

Seedsbot is a combination of a mobile application with IoT devices used to measure the level of loose materials in feed and industrial silos. It allows you to obtain precise information on the filling of feed silo tanks on farms in real time.

The idea itself was born over 1.5 years ago in response to the dynamically changing market situation and the huge demand for digitization in the agriculture sector. Behind Seedsbot are Maciej Kołodziejczyk, Adam Grabowski and Grzegorz Fidyka, supported by the business angel – Marek Zmysłowski.

The concept, which was created from the combination of specialist domain knowledge from the agri-livestock sector and multidimensional experience in the new technologies industry, aims to revolutionize the market in Poland. This solution will increase work safety on animal farms by eliminating the need for employees to climb silos to determine the amount of feed and save about 25 working days a year. Additionally, it will have a direct impact on animal welfare and production profitability.

Precise information on the number of loose materials in the reservoirs and their usage time make it possible to estimate the exact delivery time. Thanks to this, we obtain a radical reduction in the number of kilometers traveled by suppliers. As a result, distributors significantly reduce fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions to the environment. The skillful synergy of this data, combined with military technologies taken directly from nuclear submarines, allowed for the creation of devices that analyze the livestock ecosystem. Harnessing such tools as specialized artificial intelligence and machine learning makes the project extremely attractive for users and developers.