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SeedsBot allows you to obtain precise information about feed silo capacity on farms in real-time.

  • This concept is based on the combination of specialist domain knowledge from the agri-livestock sector and multidimensional experience in the new technology industry.
  • The technology is taken directly from nuclear submarines, allowing for the creation of devices that analyze the livestock ecosystem
  • The usage of specialized artificial intelligence and machine learning make Seedsbot indispensable on every farm in Poland.

Transport optimization

With SeedsBot you not only reduce your carbon footprint (reducing CO2 emissions by more than 25% – 100,000 kg per year) and exhaust emissions, but also save on transport by precisely determining your feed requirements.

Why SeedsBot?


Choose farming 4.0! SeedsBot will allow you to precisely control the feed resources on your farms and plan the purchase of raw materials and the production process in production plants.


Increase the work safety on your farm thanks to the possibility of checking the level of feed in the silo remotely.


Thanks to Seedsbot you reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria, such as bird flu and african swine fever, within your farm.


Using SeedsBot will save you about 25 working days a year and will optimize your deliveries.


Using SeedsBot will reduce your carbon footprint and emissions by optimizing transport and delivery (reducing CO2 emissions by more than 25% - 100,000 kg per year).

About us

The idea for Seedsbot was born over 1.5 years ago in a response to the dynamically changing market situation and the huge demand for digitization in the agricultural sector.
Who are we?

Adam Grabowski Veterinary Expert, Entrepreneur A certified veterinarian with over 10 years of practice. Animal production expert, experienced risk manager and resource management specialist.
Grzegorz Fidyka Hardware & Software Advisor 20 years of experience in business, especially in the area of software development and Internet of Things projects.
Marek Zmysłowski Angel Investor & Advisor Co-Founder Jumia Travel (NYSE:JMIA),, Sunroof. se Former Executive at Rocket Internet, RTB House, Glovo, OLX.
Radosław Piechnik Entrepreneur & Investor Founder of RND Investments, many years of experience in investments in real estate markets, technical production and financing of early-stage startups.
Maciej Kołodziejczyk Business & Livestock Expert A veterinarian with over 10 years of experience in the agricultural industry, both as a doctor and an entrepreneur. A professional, experienced in IoT for production processes in pig farms.

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Seedsbot is a combination of a mobile application with iot devices used to measure the level of loose materials in feed and industrial silos. It allows you to obtain precise information on the filling of feed silo tanks on farms in real time.

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